Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

What’s with all the earthquakes? 

Utah has experience a string of them recently. Fortunately, nothing major. This string of rumbles doesn’t necessarily mean that the big one is going to happen any time soon. But, it is highly likely that sometime in our lifetime—or our children’s lifetime—a major earthquake will occur.  

It’s easy to procrastinate the task of getting prepared when the inevitable seems so far removed from our daily reality. But our reality can turn on a dime. It can become devastating, scary, and quite possibly life-threatening. 

During last September’s National Preparedness Month, we posted a checklist of several steps that should to be taken to help prepare your family. With mother nature’s recent hints, we think now’s a good time to repost the checklist! Here you go: 

Emergency Preparedness Checklist 

  • Establish your family’s meeting place(s) 
  • Make (and practice) a home evacuation plan  
  • Make a list of nearby water sources 
  • Create an emergency contact phone list 
  • Write down your medications and put a couple of days’ worth in your emergency kit 
  • Place copies of identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.) in sealable bags 
  • Identify and document a go-to social media platform 
  • Download emergency apps (like FEMA or Life360) 
  • Assign responsibility for the bug-out kit(s), including food, water and gear 
  • Assign each pet a safety buddy  

        Today, while it’s fresh on your mind, be sure to take these important steps to help ensure your family’s safety. Being prepared can make all the difference if—or when—something major comes your way.