A 50-Year Legacy in the Making

Since Phil Augason introduced Morning Moo's in 1972, the family business has crafted and refined hundreds of shelf-stable food and water products for emergencies and challenging times.

Our high-quality ingredient procurement, taste-tested formulas, and end-to-end manufacturing all happen in our state-of-the-art facility. This means we control the quality and production costs in-house and, in turn, make food security possible for individuals and families of any size, lifestyle, or budget.

What has changed in 50 years?

Customers have come to enjoy our products on an everyday basis. Yes, they stock up for difficult times. But they also maintain a steady supply of ready-to-prepare meals, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products because they are a convenient, cost-effective way to prepare meals any day of the week.

We are a homegrown business proud to serve high-quality and great-tasting products you'll enjoy anytime, anywhere, and for any occasion.

Our Mission

Augason Farm's mission is to help families and communities achieve greater self-reliance through preparedness.

Our Values

Affordability and quality are central to our core values and are what individuals and families trust from Augason Farms.

Our Quality

We use high-quality ingredients and taste-tested formulas to develop emergency foods delicious enough to enjoy as everyday meals.

Our Impact

Augason Farms is committed to community outreach and contributes meals nationwide to those in need during difficult times.

Leadership Forging Excellence

Moir Donelson

Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of both the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Harvard Business School, Moir joined BCG in 2021. He brings over 25 years of executive experience leading strategic growth initiatives, manufacturing plants, end-to-end enterprise process improvements and packaging innovations, and full P&L responsibility for global enterprises. Moir is an inspirational leader who engenders loyalty and inspires personal growth.

Mark Augason


Mark's legacy of crafting and manufacturing great-tasting and shelf-stable dry food products is rooted in family. His parents started the business in 1972 with their inaugural Morning Moo's® powdered milk. Mark later took the helm and grew the company to several hundred SKUs sold nationwide in dozens of retail channels.

Derek Greer, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Derek recently joined Augason Farms by way of Golden State Foods in Atlanta and International Flavors and Fragrances in New York. He previously led food and beverage R&D, Q/A, and technical services and innovations for global organizations such as Bacardi-Martini and Sensient Flavors.

JB Broadous

Chief Operating Officer

Also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, JB brings BCG a wealth of operational experience. He climbed the management ranks at Newell Brands and, after 19 years, landed the top spot of Director of Operations for their Food Storage and Organizational Business team.

Steve Finn

Chief Commercial Officer

Steve joined us in October of 2020, bringing over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Steve molded his executive portfolio with both large CPG companies like Pillsbury, Danone Waters, Peet’s Coffee and ConAgra and smaller organizations like Sun Orchard, L.A. Libations and Wild Tonic.

Hyacinth Morrison

Chief People Officer

Hyacinth has been a leader in Human Resources for over 25 years. She has broad industry experience and is known for driving strategic HR initiatives. Her experience is focused on organizational transformation, design and development, and leading and cultivating high-performing teams.

Derk Pelton

Chief Information Officer

As a technology leader, Derk strives to position IT as a strategic business asset to provide enabling technologies that lead the business strategy. His analytic skills and a commitment to customer service were honed with IBM and IBM Consulting. Derk then directed IT functions in organizations as diverse as aerospace (Boeing), bananas (Chiquita Brands Intl.), and blood (Carter Blood Services).

Nathan Yearsley

Chief Financial Officer

As a Manufacturing, Distribution, and Finance executive, Nathan has spent 25 years driving operational change and increasing employee engagement, process efficiency, cost savings, and corporate profitability. While his background includes deep analysis in accounting, finance, and information technology arenas, Nathan also has an innovative bend that supports his ability to assess situations and deliver unique solution options.

Soon after gaining a commercial foothold in dry foods, word spread that Augason Farms manufactures products in its privately-owned, state-of-the-art facility. Requests for co-packing and private label services flooded in, and BCG Co-Packing was established, offering A-to-Z manufacturing services for dry foods and beverages.

To learn more about our co-packing services:

Visit:  www.bcgcopacking.com

Call:  +1-844-529-5151

Email:  sales@bcgcopacking.com