*Due to the ongoing bird flu outbreak in the United States (https://www.cdc.gov/flu/avianflu/avian-flu-summary.htm), Augason Farms products that contain eggs are unfortunately experiencing a temporary price increase. We are diligently working with our supply partners to lower these prices as soon as market conditions allow. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support during these uncertain times.

SRP: $115.99

Made from 100% natural egg whites and yolks, Augason Farms powdered eggs are ideal for baking and cooking. Hydrate with water for scrambled eggs and omelets or use the powder form for a refrigeration-free substitute in baking recipes.

• 100% real eggs

• Versatile uses, from breakfast to baking

• Refrigeration is necessary only when eggs have been prepared

INGREDIENTS: Whole eggs, sodium silicoaluminate (anticaking agent).

1. Remove oxygen absorber and discard.
2. Using chart, combine Dried Whole Egg Powder with warm water and mix well.
3. Cook as desired.

Can be used in baking and cooking. For example, great for use in omelets, french toast, bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and more. When using with other dry ingredients, it is not necessary to reconstitute the whole egg powder. Simply add to other dry ingredients and increase liquid requirements by necessary amount.

No refrigeration necessary.