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eQuenchal Water is a great-tasting and planet-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. The 30-year shelf life means you can enjoy a refreshing drink today or stock up on the water you need to get through any emergency or survival situation.

• Crisp, clean, and fresh-tasting emergency drinking water

• Stock up for shelter-in-place and evacuation emergencies

• Eight-stage purification process

• No leaching and zero deterioration from sun and heat

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Dual-Purpose Water

eQuenchal is designed to enjoy NOW or LATER. How does this help you when you are facing a myriad of portable water choices? Choosing eQuenchal allows you to get it, store it, and forget it. There’s no need to worry about its deterioration in just a few months. But if you’re thirsty now? Go ahead, drink up! This portable water tastes so refreshing it’s good enough for emergencies and everyday drinking.

Guaranteed 30-Year Shelf Life

How can we guarantee 30 years? We start with municipal water and run it through eight stages of purification. Next, the water is sealed in pressurized, BPA-free, lined aluminum cans, the best beverage container globally. But we didn’t stop there. We independently lab-tested several old cans of water from various manufacturers, some up to 45 years old. The result? All of the water was safe and drinkable. And they even tasted good.

Purification You Can Trust

eQuenchal® water is purified through Augason Farms canning facility and state-of-the-art filtration system. Here’s what the process entails: 1) sand filter, 2) charcoal filter, 3) 5-micron filter, 4) reverse osmosis stage one, 5) reverse osmosis stage two, 6) 0.3-micron filter, 7) ultra-violet treatment, and 8) ozone sterilization. We then seal eQuenchal® in BPA-free, lined aluminum cans. That’s what we call safe, clean, and refreshing water!

We've Added Electrolites for Taste

When drinking water is purified, virtually everything you could imagine is removed. This includes some of the minerals that give great-tasting water its great taste. Without these minerals, water tends to taste flat and, well, not very tasty. That’s why we’ve added minerals—also referred to as electrolytes—to give eQuenchal® the soft, smooth taste it needs. And with a 30-year shelf life, eQuenchal will taste great, safely, for many years to come.



Net Weight

288 fl. oz. (8.52L)

Total Water

2.2 gallons (12 oz. per can)

Case Weight

18 lb.

Shelf Life

Up to 30 years

Note: Shelf life up to 30 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 40°F and 130°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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